About Full Coverage Towelling Bibs

Looma Collective is a Western Australian small business creating Handmade Baby Wears and Accessories.

At Looma, we take pride in crafting beautiful and practical baby essentials that are perfect for your little ones. Our top-selling product is the Full Coverage Towelling Bib, designed to make mealtime a breeze while keeping your baby stylishly comfortable.

Key Features of Our Full Coverage Towelling Bib:

Full Length Coverage: Our bibs are designed to provide complete comfort and coverage, protecting your baby's clothing from messy spills and stains. No more worries about food ending up on your baby's adorable outfit!

Sustainable Fabric: We care about our planet and your baby's well-being. Our bibs are made from sustainable fabrics as oppose to a silicone or plastic, that are gentle on your baby's skin and environmentally responsible.

Easy Clean-Up: We understand that parenting can be challenging, and cleaning up after mealtime shouldn't add to the stress. Our bibs are easy to clean, so you can spend more quality time with your little one and less time on chores.

Stylish Colour Tones: We believe that baby accessories should not only be functional but also stylish. Our bibs come in a range of chic and trendy color tones, ensuring your baby looks adorable while staying mess-free.

Special Offer: Bundle of 3 Full Coverage Bibs

Save $15 off your order when you purchase a bundle of 3 Full Coverage Bibs. This bundle is perfect for parents who want to stock up on these essential items or make a thoughtful gift for friends and family with little ones. Enter 'BUY3' at Checkout!