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Lilac Spot Full Coverage Towelling Bib

Lilac Spot Full Coverage Towelling Bib

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Looma Towelling Bibs are handmade in Perth, Western Australia. These bibs are so convenient for easy clean-up and versatile use. The length of the bib is designed to cover little babes' clothes so you can avoid having to change them after a delicious and messy meal! The ribbed collar is a snug fit to ensure no little foodies sneak underneath.

We offer two styles to suit different needs:

Jacquard Weave 100% Cotton Terry Towelling Bibs and 100% Cotton Original Prints Towelling Bibs (single sided). Our jacquard weave terry towelling Bibs feature a luxurious texture and enhanced absorbency, perfect for heavy droolers and messy eaters. On the other hand, our single-sided Original Prints Towelling Bibs showcase gorgeous designs and a more lightweight towel while still offering excellent absorbency and softness. Whichever style you choose, our cotton terry towelling material ensures a gentle touch on bubs' hands and face, making clean-up a breeze with just a splash of water.

Lilac Spot Bib is an Jacquard Weave Style.

Buy a Bundle of 3 and SAVE!!

The beauty of these towels is the convenience of throwing in the machine after use. You’d love to have at least THREE Looma Towelling Bibs on hand! Therefore, We have BUNDLE DEALS for you!

  1. Buy 3 for $85 Add 3 Bibs of your choose and enter ‘BUY3’


40x 60cm bibs with a 40cm neckline. The stretch in the ribbed collar allows for stretching over babes heads with bouncing back around the neck. This means you will use the same bib longer as your babes grow!


These items are handmade in Perth, Western Australia with love. As these are handmade with love, please treat with love. In rare instances, over time the fabric may wear and tear, please observe for any loose threads and handle accordingly.

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