Collection: Towelling Burp Cloths

Introducing Looma Collective's Cotton Burp Cloths, the perfect addition to your nappy bag for stylish mothers and babies! These hand-made burp cloths are crafted with 100% cotton terry towelling, providing a soft and comfortable feel on the skin. Available in a variety of prints, they make a great gift for Baby Showers, ensuring your gift is thoughtful and Australian Hand-made.
These soft, stylish and functional cloths are double layered with ultra-absorbent 100% cotton terry towelling fabric, making them perfect for newborns, spit ups and soaking up liquids. Their curved shoulder design ensures a secure fit and maximum shoulder coverage, preventing any slipping.

Most new mother's wonder how many burp cloths they will need and whether they will need them at all. We are here to tell you the more the better.